CDC Corrib Mayfly Olive

CDC Corrib Mayfly Olive

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Bibio (JC)

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Green Wulff

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Materials Pack and Book: Terry Griffiths


THIS KIT INCLUDES The BOOK AND the Materials Pack:

This "Beginner's Guide To Flytying MATERIALS PACK" by Veniard contains all the materials you will beed to make the 12 flies featured in the "Beginners Guide to Flytying". Compiled by Veniard it includes the following items. 

  • Hooks
  • Tying Threads
  • Tinsels &  Wires
  • Hackles
  • Dubbing and Body Materials
  • Winging Materials
  • Gold Beads
  • Code: Dubpack01
  • Manufacturer: Veniard
  • Weight: 0.500 Kgs
Price: £26.95
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