Lake Fishing Flies

Lake Fishing Flies

Classic and modern trout lake wet and dry fly fishing favourites. Click here for your trout lake fishing flies.

River Trout Flies

River Trout Flies

Hackled, winged and weighted trout fly fishing patterns that will cover all your wet fly fishing needs on rivers in and around ireland's trout rivers

Flys By Location

Flys By Location

From the lakes to hill loughs, we have we have used feedback to highlight flies that do well in these locations. Click here for more.

Some Wet Mayflies


This fly is used in May, June and July. This fly was first designed by Stan headley for Lough Melvin

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Goulden's Favourite

I devised this pattern from the original dry mayfly pattern of Goulden. I am not sure if he would have approved as he was a noted dry fly fisherman on Lough Erne!

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Octopus Leggy Yellow

A leggy version of the popular Yellow Octopus. Fished as a wet mayfly from May until the end of the year. Also a good taker of Salmon on lakes.

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Octopus Muddler (Golden)

 This is one of my older mayfly inventions. Like most Muddler patterns it is designed to be fished dibbled in the surface film to create a wake / an illusion of the hatching or struggling fly.

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Lough Erne Gosling

A wet pattern for Lough Erne in the style of the old Rogan Goslings. A very popular pattern often fished on the middle dropper.

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Octopus (Green)

A green bodied version of the Yellow Octopus. Fished wet it has become a very popular pattern at Mayfly time.

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Carded Fly Collections

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Anderson's Spent  2.3 GBP
CDC Spent No.2  2.3 GBP
Black Zulu  1.85 GBP
Blue Delphi (JC)  2.3 GBP
Octopus (Yellow)  1.95 GBP
Rush's Mayfly  2 GBP
Yellow Wulff  1.85 GBP
Royal Wulff  2 GBP
Yellow Humpy  1.95 GBP
Anvil Atlas Vice  189.99 GBP
Irish Stimulators  12.95 GBP
Irish Dabblers  12.95 GBP
Irish Bumbles  12.95 GBP

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