Lake Fishing Flies

Lake Fishing Flies

Classic and modern trout lake wet and dry fly fishing favourites. Click here for your trout lake fishing flies.

River Trout Flies

River Trout Flies

Hackled, winged and weighted trout fly fishing patterns that will cover all your wet fly fishing needs on rivers in and around ireland's trout rivers

Flys By Location

Flys By Location

From the lakes to hill loughs, we have we have used feedback to highlight flies that do well in these locations. Click here for more.

[Salmon Fishing]

Salmon fishing to be had

With the trout season coming to an end there is still some salmon fishing to be had. Have a look at our range of Salmon flies including single salmon patterns and tubes where catch and release is practiced.

Todays Fly

Frankie Mc Phillips

We provide a wide range of trout and salmon flies for fishing and also for decoration in the form of framed Trout and Salmon Fly selections, and carded and boxed gift selections for people who fish.

Welcome to Frankie Mcphillips

Sedges vary greatly in size and colour so it useful to have a variety to match the hatch. The Chocolate drop in various sizes is a great all rounder. The caenis will now also hatch and provide good sport on both rivers and lakes.

CDC Daddy  2 GBP
Donegal Daddy  2 GBP
Old Mask Peter  1.85 GBP
Green Peter Dry  1.95 GBP
Cluster (Moss)  1.8 GBP
Caenis  1.85 GBP
Cinnamon Sedge  1.75 GBP
Modern Irish Wets  12.95 GBP
Loon Top Ride  8.99 GBP
Beginners Tool Kit  21.95 GBP

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