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Lake Wets

Classic and modern trout lake wet fly fishing favourites. I have made variations to the trout lake wets classics like the Butcher, Pearly Invicta, Peter Ross and Alexandra, giving them painted eyes or adding holographic tinsel bodies.
Sooty Olive Biot  2.25 GBP
Marauder  2 GBP
Bibio Biot  2.2 GBP
Silver Invicta  2.2 GBP
Red Butt Bibio  2.1 GBP
Bibio (Moss)  2.1 GBP
Bloody Butcher  2.2 GBP
Claret Olive  1.95 GBP
Doobry  2.2 GBP
Invicta  2.2 GBP
March Brown  2.2 GBP
Olive Dun  1.85 GBP
Pearly Invicta  2.2 GBP
Raymond  2 GBP
Sooty Olive (JC)  2.3 GBP
Wickham's Fancy  2.1 GBP
Cock Robin Biot  2.2 GBP
Fiery Brown Biot  2.2 GBP
Corrib Bibio  2.1 GBP
Raymond Variant  2.25 GBP
Hairwing Invicta  1.95 GBP
Hairwing Raymond  1.95 GBP
Connemara Black  2.2 GBP
Bibio Orange  1.95 GBP
Bibio (JC)  2.25 GBP
Sooty Olive  2.2 GBP
Golden Olive  1.95 GBP
Mallard & Claret  2.2 GBP
Fiery Brown  2.2 GBP
Kate Mc Laren  2.1 GBP
Bibio  1.95 GBP
Clan Chief  2.2 GBP
Cock Robin  2.2 GBP
Harry Tom  2 GBP
Telephone Claret  2.2 GBP
Telephone Golden  2.2 GBP

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